Drug Crimes

While our attorneys are proficient in all areas of criminal law, we have made our mark specializing in drug defense.  All types of drug charges, from major cases involving the trafficking and distribution of hundreds of pounds of cocaine and methamphetamine, to those that simply involve possession of controlled substance, are worth fighting.  Regardless of the severity, or size, of your case, our criminal attorneys give you our pledge – you will receive the same zealous advocacy all of our clients receive. If you have been accused of drug trafficking, possession of controlled substance,  intent to sell, sale of controlled substance, conspiracy, or any other drug related charge, call us–we have a track record of helping clients charged with criminal drug offenses achieve favorable negotiations or avoid conviction entirely


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Las Vegas Drug AttorneysNevada is the adult entertainment capital of the world, but the State has pushed tough prosecution of drug cases to keep its reputation for exciting nightlife and fast times from getting out of hand. As a result, people charged in Nevada face some of the harshest drug penalties in the nation. For those with past convictions from other states, possession of as little as an ounce of marijuana can result in category E felony drug charges. Finding the right attorney is key to avoiding serious convictions.

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An Experienced Lawyer With A Knowledge Of The System Is A Must

The best drug defense strategy will be built around an understanding of the local court system. Judges tend to make similar rulings in similar cases. Experienced, local attorneys can use their knowledge of those rulings to help you obtain the best outcome. The criminal defense lawyers at Oronoz & Ericsson have earned their reputation among prosecutors and judges throughout the region as the most dedicated drug defense advocates in the region. We know the mistakes local police and assistant district attorneys are likely to make when prosecuting charges in Nevada Drug Cases. We know the strategies that work when negotiating with prosecutors to dismiss or reduce charges and help our clients avoid conviction.

The Right Lawyer Can Fight Habitual Drug Charges and Mandatory Minimum Sentences

If you already have a felony conviction on your record from any state, you may be charged as an habitual drug criminal under Nevada law and may be facing a mandatory minimum of five years in prison for even something as minor as illegal felony possession. It is critically important that you hire a legal defense team with knowledge of Nevada’s sentencing structure.

Experience makes a difference. That experience is even more effective when combined with a refusal to back down. Our firm is made up of the most talented drug crime lawyers in the region, who are known for preparing every case for trial. We have a proven record of results — in and out of the courtroom. For these reasons, Oronoz & Ericsson has long been the first choice for defense for individuals facing drug charges.

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Every attorney at Oronoz & Ericsson has successfully represented individuals who have been charged with drug crimes in both state and federal court. Our drug crimes lawyers are committed to providing an aggressive, well prepared and effectively presented defense. We take your freedom seriously. Contact us to speak with a Las Vegas drug crimes lawyer on our criminal defense team immediately.